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Abito Team

Federico Pian

I'm a Wordpress Creative Developer and Abito is my second Wordpress Theme and as the first one (Minimable), I made it with passion, like everything I do in my life.


Fabio Ponta

I'm an italian freelance web designer and I've always had a great interest in computers. Starting as an autodidact, I've come to work as Wordpress and front-end developer, but I mostly do back-end coding. My way of working is based on logic, accuracy and passion and I'm always looking for new challenges.

Gianluca Cardoni

I’ve had a passion for graphic design since 1987, Everything innovative in the field of communications has always been a strong feature of my approach to work, allowing me to stay as fresh and enthusiastic in every job as I was at the beginning. Kayak-adv is the creature I have been growing with pride for more than 10 years now, My job here is art direction, graphic and web design.



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